European University Institute Bodies across borders: oral and visual memory in Europe and beyond
Bodies across borders: oral and visual memory in Europe and beyond

Memory and the Archive: Collection, Interpretation and Conservation of Oral and Visual Documents

Programme (Download PDF)

15 January 2014
Sala De Gasperi, Historical Archives of the European Union, Villa Salviati
Via Bolognese 156 – 50139 Firenze
A workshop jointly organised by the Historical Archives of the European Union, the Department of History and Civilization and the ERC Project Bodies Across Borders: Oral and Visual Memory in Europe and Beyond (BABE).

Morning : Collecting and Interpreting

Welcome Dieter Schlenker (Director of the HAEU) Chair Federico Romero (Head of HEC Department) 09.30 Luisa Passerini (BABE Principal Investigator): Living Archives. Continuity and Innovation in the Art of Memory (Paper PDF) 10.45 Coffee Break 11.15 Lorenzo Zamponi (SPS Researcher): Repertoires of Memory. The Public Image of the Past and the Student Movements in Italy and Spain Stephanie Martina Lämmert (HEC Researcher): Oral Traditions, Oral History and Memory in African History Anna Frisone (HEC Researcher): Gender Relations within the Labour Movement: An Oral History Kornelia Konczal (HEC Researcher): From Collected to Collective Memory: “Recovered Territories” in Memoirs Written on Demand in post-1956 Poland 13.00 Lunch

Afternoon: Preserving and Transmitting

Chair Dieter Schlenker 14.00 Olga Gnydiuk and Suzan Meryem Rosita Kalayci (HEC Researchers, Working Group on “Reading Memory”): Dusting Archives, Reflections on the National Archive Catherine Previti Allaire (archiviste aux AHUE) : La Collection d’histoire orale des Archives historiques de l’Union européenne (Paper PDF) 15.30 Coffee Break Chair Luisa Passerini 16.00 Claude Mussou (Institut National de l’Audiovisuel): Ina: Collecting and Preserving the French Audiovisual Heritage (Abstract PDF) Discussant Giovanni Contini (Sovrintendenza Archivistica della Toscana, Firenze)
The following participants in the BABE project will be present at the workshop:
Graziella Bonansea (BABE Research Assistant) Liliana Ellena (BABE Research Assistant) Giada Giustetto (BABE Collaborator) Giuseppe Lauricella (BABE Collaborator) Gabriele Proglio (BABE Research Assistant)