European University Institute Bodies across borders: oral and visual memory in Europe and beyond
Bodies across borders: oral and visual memory in Europe and beyond
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Principal Investigator: Prof. Luisa Passerini

Luisa Passerini’s research has followed several major themes, which form connecting threads through various fields. She has studied the history of the subjects of social and cultural change, from the African liberation movements to the movements of workers, students, and women in our century. In this research she has largely used memory in its oral form, as expressed through interviews and testimonies, for constructing a history of Fascism under a new perspective as well as a history of gender and generation identities. Memory, understood in a large sense as an epoch’s heritage of the past in its various forms, has been the object of her writings on the methodology of history and on the relationships between history and the social sciences. In the field of methodology, she has devoted particular attention to the links between sources, objects and methods, and to the interpretation of sources for a history of subjectivity.
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Working languages: Italian, English, French
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Itineraries of Mobile Subjectivities: Young Migrants in an Italian CTP (Centro Territoriale Permanente Gabelli, Torino – Centre for the Study of Italian Language and Citizenship)

Living Archives. Continuity and Innovation in the Art of Memory

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March 6, Frankfurt am Oder

May 3, Beirut, Lebanon