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Bodies across borders: oral and visual memory in Europe and beyond

Gabriele Proglio


Gabriele Proglio is Assistant Professor in Contemporary History, Postcolonial Theory and Italian Studies at the University of Tunis “El Manar”. He received his PhD in Cultural History at the University of Turin (Italy) with a research project about the Italian colonial imaginaries. His research interests are: cultural and oral history; postcolonial, gender, queer and post-human theory; border and migration studies with a particular focus on Africa and Europe; visual and memory studies. From January to May 2015 he was Visiting Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley.

His MA thesis was dedicated to study of the Italian postcolonial literature in historical perspective, paying attention to memory processes about the colonial period in the postcolonial writings. The first part of the final dissertation was published in his book Memorie oltre confine (ombre corte, 2011). He has edited three books on Italian Orientalism (Antares 2011-2013).

Moreover, he has edited, with Valeria Deplano and Lorenzo Mari, Subalternità Italiane (Aracne 2014), a collective book with several and disciplinary different articles that problematize the relationship among Italian culture and the Indian Subaltern Studies Group’s theoretical thesis.

At the moment, his interdisciplinary fields of research are: contemporay diasporas and migrations in Europe; memories of colonialisms in the Mediterranean area and in postcolonial cultural products; colonial litterature in the perspective of the archive; photography and visual sources in the history’s storytelling; Italian culture in the Fifties and colonial heritage; panafrican and postcolonial thoughts.

He will publish his second monograph, from his doctoral final dissertation, about the Italian colonial imaginaries for the Italo-Turkish war (Monadori Le Monnier 2016) and two edited books: Fortress Europe, Border Lampedusa (Palgrave 2016), with several articles about this European frontier; and Decolonizing the Mediterranean Area: Colonial Cultural heritages in the Present, between Europe and North Africa (Routledge 2016) dealing with continuities and discontinuities from colonial to postcolonial periods in the Mediterranean area.

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Working languages: Italian, English, French

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