European University Institute Bodies across borders: oral and visual memory in Europe and beyond
Bodies across borders: oral and visual memory in Europe and beyond

Work Diary

Fieldwork Diary
Fieldwork Diary by Milica Trakilovic and Iris van Huis, Amsterdam 16 December 2016, and by Luisa Passerini and Giada Giustetto, Torino 23 January 2017. Examples of ethnographical diary kept during fieldwork in Italy and the Netherlands. This material will be of great relevance for future scholars and students consulting the BABE archive.
Principal Investigator: Luisa Passerini
The Babe project studies intercultural connections in contemporary Europe, engaging both native and ‘new’ Europeans. These connections are woven through the faculties of embodied subjects – memory, visuality and mobility – and concern the movement of people, ideas and images across the borders of European nation-states with a focus on Italy and the Netherlands. Our research aims to understand the possibility of new forms of European belonging as they develop in an increasingly diasporic world.
BABE Research Team’s meeting (Center AltreItalie) Turin, 16 December 2016
A general meeting of the BABE team, holding a discussion on the role of visuality and art in the research project. This a relevant example of the methodology followed by the research team on both the individual and collective levels.